Pioneering Spirit Ben Weiss’ Billion Dollar Idea Meets Ready-To-Serve-Cocktails


Beverage industry expert Ben Weiss has led the charge towards healthier drink options since 2009, back when he kickstarted the “Bevolution.”

The movement’s goal was to combat the massive soda drinking dilemma, by giving consumers a great-tasting, healthier alternative. And from that initiative came a game-changing solution, his antioxidant fusion drink company, called Bai. The brand’s drinks utilized coffee fruit, a natural source of antioxidants, as a primary ingredient. Given the consumer trend at the time favored healthier choices, Bai was an instant hit. Translating to “pure” in Mandarin, Bai beverages were free of artificial sweeteners, yet still tasted delicious. Weiss hit the nail on the head with this project, and his motivation to continue making a positive, healthy impact remained strong.

“As I thought about what I wanted to do next I realized that in 2017, the same 80-million strong Millennial generation that was fueling Bai’s success aged into alcohol, and I saw another industry that was ripe for disruption. So, I created Crook & Marker, the world’s first certified USDA Organic cocktail portfolio that delivers today’s more health-conscious consumers big, bold flavor without sugar and loads of calories and carbs,” says Weiss.

Crook & Marker are zero sugar organic cocktails. They provide bartenders with a wide variety of premium, ready-to-serve cocktails that are perfect for high-volume accounts and outdoor settings. Their bold flavored cocktails all come in single-flavor packs, with both carbonated and non-carbonated offerings. The portfolio ranges from 5% ABV to 15% ABV and is available nationwide in great-tasting Margarita, Mojito, Pina Colada, Paloma, Spiked Tea, and Lemonade flavors. Not to mention, more exciting innovations are set to be released throughout 2022.

What sets Crook and Marker apart from other RTD brands is their transparency to imbibers. Weiss elaborated “Alcohol companies aren’t required to put FDA nutritional labels on their drinks, so you never know what you’re actually drinking. Often with other RTD cocktails, you are looking at over 300 calories and upwards of 30g of sugar and carbs. And that’s just for one can. We are delivering flavor with true transparency, as our organic ingredients are proudly displayed on our cans and website.”

Every one of their cocktails is made with their distinct Organic Supergrain Alcohol. Its brewed from quinoa, millet, amaranth, and cassava. Containing only 1g carbs and 100 calories each, the beverages are sweetened from natural sources, gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan.

And just when you thought having two brilliant, innovative beverage companies was enough, Mr. Weiss’ success extends further, all the way to the entertainment industry. His show, “Billion Dollar Idea,” airs on Tuesdays at 9pm ET on Fox Business. Focused on unearthing the next great American entrepreneur, the show features 15 entrepreneurs competing head-to-head, testing their ideas with the hopes of being the winner of his own personal investment.

Offering a word of advice to fellow entrepreneurial minds out there, Ben suggests, “Entrepreneurs must take the time and effort to understand their end game even as they’re just getting started.”


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