Savior of Authentic Tequila, Beau De Bois Advises Bartenders on Finding Good Tequila


Beau De Bois is a prominent modern-day advocate, or better yet, savior of authentic tequila.

As one of the few who have caught on to the artificial antics that take place within his industry, Beau’s ambition is to expose it all and inspire others to stay true to the age-old liquor’s most natural state. Over the years, a majority of tequila enthusiasts have unknowingly become accustomed to manipulated forms of the spirit. Countless producers of the agave-based spirit have pulled a fast one on imbibers, using additives for the creation of what was once strictly a refined, pure liquid. With his voice and role as the Creative Director of Puesto Mexican Artisan Kitchen & Bar Beau is opening the eyes of many, giving them a chance to connect with what tequila really is at its core.


Talk to us about the experience people can expect at your bar.

Hospitality, it may sound strange but it’s the last secret ingredient in a great bartender’s recipe. Anyone can go online and read my recipes on how to make my Old-Fashioned or Margarita, so, the only deliverable left is surprising guests with a memorable bar experience.


What is your background in tequila/agave spirits?

First, I’ve been enjoying agave-based distillates for almost 20 years. Second, I’ve been in and out of Mexico, observing and participating in the production of tequila and mezcal since 2016. Currently, with Puesto, we’re one of the biggest buyers of tequila and mezcal, restaurants wise in the United States. While we have a large business to run; we also have a large responsibility to align with tequilas we feel proud to offer. Much of my time at Puesto is spent understanding not only the tradition behind authentic tequilas but also, its future.


What do bartenders need to know about additive-free tequilas?

Bartenders should ask themselves if they can accurately describe what authentic tequila should taste like. If a bartender has a hard time describing real tequila’s flavor, that should present a challenge to further educate themselves. That being said, they should understand what additives are used and what are the legal limits of additives allowed in tequila production by the CRT. They should also look into the size of the CRT versus how many liters of tequila are produced per day in Jalisco. But here’s my take; the sooner we look at and appreciate tequila with the same regard as winemaking, the sooner we’ll appreciate its agriculture and terroir, thus searching for a liquid that reflects its main ingredient, agave. Additives mean distractions.


What do bartenders need to know about spotting a high-quality brand of tequila? Don’t look for cheat codes, do your own research. Otherwise, the knowledge will never stick.

Good news is that research usually involves tipping a few bottles of tequila, so cheers! But here’s a hint, start with the NOMs and go from there.


What are some of your favorite tequila brands?

Ocho, El Tesoro, Tapatio, 4 Copas, Cascahuin, Siete Leguas, Volcan and Patron. Now, if you’re reading this and tisk tisking one of those brands; maybe more research is needed. Maybe my answers will change one day, every single day is a school day.


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