Zip Lining in Redwoods, The Chilled 100 Bartenders tour Redwood Empire in the Trees


Zip lining among the giants along the Northern California Coast, which is one of the few places in the world where giant redwood trees grow, The Chilled 100 Bartenders got a taste of what this area inspires.


This same place, where Redwood Empire Distillery ages its barrels of whiskey for a slow and even extraction of flavor that produces exceptionally balanced and complex whiskey, our Chilled 100 Bartenders toured the distillery and zip lined in the Redwoods.


“The fact that we were successfully able to get 14 bartenders together on a Monday at 8am still blows my mind,” laughs Elliott Sneen, Brand Manager of Redwood Empire for Purple Brands. “We woke the crew up with zip lining through the trees of the Redwood Empire and then had the opportunity to sit down and learn about our how our region impacts our distinctly Californian whiskeys.”


Wendy Hodges, Chilled 100 Bartender National Director adds, “The outing with the Chilled 100 bartenders and Redwood Empire was amazing. The zip lining was extremely exciting, and it was a way to commune with nature and for some of us a way to triumph over our fear of heights. The best part of the day was the exclusive distillery tour! I really loved listening to Master Distiller Jeff Duckhorn and Head Distiller Lauren Patz share their passion for distilling and learning how Redwood Empire whiskey is made.”

Chilled 100 Bartender Zackary Kusch of Santa Monica says, “What a truly special day spent soaring through the redwood trees in the morning, driving through the heart of the Sonoma valley and finishing at Redwood Empire’s distillery where we were greeted by a fresh batch of beautiful rye fresh from the still! It really summed up Redwood Empire’s connection to the region where it is made.”


Mariangela Urquizo of San Francisco adds, “It was a fun experience. It was nice doing something that just wasn’t a tasting but the brand sharing with us the community and nature that their distillery is located in.”

“A trip to zip line through the redwoods and a private whiskey tasting with Redwood Empire Whiskey, what better way to spend a Monday?” remarks bartender Courtney Guillory.

“Thank you, Chilled Magazine, and Redwood Empire distillery, for hosting such an amazing outing!!”


“The whole experience of zip lining amongst other industry professionals is the greatest part of our industry. Getting to overcome fears with our peers is inspiring,” shares Maxton Kennedy. “The added bonus of getting to learn and interact with the passionate people who run a great distillery who pumps out some excellent whiskeys was spectacular.”


“I personally can’t wait to do it all again,” concludes Elliot. “As well as paying each of these bartenders a visit on their own turf to see what Redwood Empire Whiskey cocktails they’ve dreamt up.”






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