The Second Annual Chilled100 Spirits Awards

Bar Convent Brooklyn Event Director Jackie Williams on What to Expect at this Year’s Event.


Bar Convent Brooklyn Event Director Jackie Williams tells us that Bar Convent Brooklyn 2022 is set for June 14-15th.

This year one of the biggest initiatives is a focus on sustainability. We asked Jackie to tell us more about the focus on less.



Talk to us about Bar Convent Brooklyn 2022. What can attendees expect?

In 2021, we had 134 exhibitors, over 50 new products debuted, 3,000+ attendees, 65,000 ounces of mixers used, and 250,000 drinks and spirits samples poured over two days! It was great to see the industry reunited stronger and more inspired, connected and united. It was rewarding and fulfilling hearing all the positive feedback on the show floor from both attendees and exhibitors.


Bar Convent Brooklyn is set for June 14 & 15, 2022 at its new home—Industry City. The move to Industry City will allow Bar Convent Brooklyn to expand its offerings and provide more space to exhibitors to bring their brands to life.


We’re expecting mostly more and bigger. I say mostly more, because one of our biggest initiatives for 2022 is a reducing the waste impact that the event has. Last year, we had a composting program, but we want to expand on this in 2022.


Our team is looking into sustainable and biodegradable cups and cutlery and sustainable garnish solutions. We’re adding a ton of recycling bins. We’re getting rid of unnecessary signage that gets tossed at the end of the event. Even our staff shirts will be made of recycled materials.


In terms of speaking more and bigger we expect to grow the audience at the event. At this stage, we see many of our brands eager to come in with a space to create unforgettable experiences for attendees. In addition, there will be more education and networking opportunities. We’re excited to share more details in the coming months.

What sets Bar Convent Brooklyn apart from other trade events?

Bar Convent Brooklyn is a collaborative business environment in which the pioneers of the bar and beverage community gather to celebrate and sculpt the future of liquid culture. Our high-quality curated education program sets us apart from the rest. Plus, BCB is a curation of the most premium brands driving the cocktail movement, as well as a dynamic platform for emerging new companies, and a destination where brand stories come to life through experience. BCB is the event where both exhibitors and attendees go to discover new industry trends.



Tell us about the educational component.

We have a fantastic group of individuals who are a part of the 2022 education committee. The head of our 2022 education committee is Lynnette Marrero. The members are as follows: Tiffanie Barriere, Lex Brown, John de Bary, Chelsea Gregoire, Leslie Marinoff, Julie Momose, Alex Negranza, and Julie Reiner. This group is integral to shaping the quality of educational sessions that we’re known for, ensuring a diverse array of topics poignant to the industry are available.



Tell us about Bar Convent Brooklyn, 2021. What were some of the best take-aways from the event?

It was SO good to be back together in person to see our customers connect and conduct business and to be amongst friends and colleagues once again.


Registration for Bar Convent Brooklyn is now open.

Be sure to register before May 8 to secure discounted ticket pricing.






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