Inside a Gin Distillery, The Better Man Distilling Co.


Regardless of The Better Man Distilling Co’s limited experience in the spirits business, the Long Island-based distillers proudly boast a wide selection of highly versatile spirits.


Lavender Gin


All of which have proven favorably throughout various types of bars and restaurants across its local island.

“Gin is not just gin to us,” says director of operations Abby Gruppuso. “It’s a canvas that can be used as a medium to tell a story.” Through the carefully crafted botanical combinations, colors on the bottles, and the poems on the back, every Better Man spirit is a new and unexpected experience.

Bartenders are called upon to decorate that canvas and tell those stories in the most exciting ways imaginable. Better Man Gins allow them to do just that with no boundaries. As non-traditional spirits, The Better Man products can be used in every way. There aren’t any classic recipes that must be followed, or confinements based on the type of spirit. The team believes drinks crafted by creative minds should be served creatively. Time and time again they acknowledge consumers who are excited to try new expressions, especially when those spirits are small batch and crafted locally.

Currently, The Better Man Distilling Co. offer four different flavors: Cosmic Soul Dry Gin, Moonstruck Citrus Gin, Red Horizon Apple Forward Gin, and Elysian Fields Lavender Gin. Covering a wide base of flavor elements from sweet, to floral, to bitter, to spicy, the beauty and adaptability gin possesses is displayed.

Ironically its first product, Cosmic Soul Dry Gin, was formulated to have an American style to it. With his brewing background, Head Distiller Peter created this gin using the inspiration of a West Coast IPA. It’s juicy, citrusy, with a floral note in the middle and spice on the back end. As the gin craze hasn’t quite made its way to Long Island yet, many residents have hopped aboard after trying it.

Moonstruck Citrus Gin was a passion product of the brand’s founder, Anthony Gruppuso. Upon his discovery of Japanese gin and its simple botanical makeup and bright flavor profile, he wanted to create one of his own. Enter the yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit which acts as a cross between a lemon and a grapefruit.

Red Horizon Apple Forward Gin was another product inspired by Long Island location and the family pastime of autumn apple picking. Although they source the apples from upstate, this gin is an homage to their childhood memories on the East End of Long Island. It’s best enjoyed on the rocks or in a Martini variation.

Elysian Fields Lavender was born out of a passion to show off local resources. The North Fork of Long Island is famous for its lavender fields, so it was a no-brainer to harness that beauty and feeling of summer in a spirit. As a mixing gin, the floral notes are so bright that they’re able to shine amongst any flavor. Elysian Fields Lavender Gin earned high scores at this year’s Chilled 100 Spirits Awards.

The Better Man team encourages full experimentation with their gins. As Abby sums up, “Out-of-the-box thinking is key to learning how to make the flavors in our gins really blossom and shine.”


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