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135 EAST Gin — Where Eastern Culture Crosses with Western Customs


A gin where eastern culture merges with western customs.

135 EAST Gin is crafted in Hyogo, a prefecture of Japan, in the Kaikyo Distillery. This Japanese artisan gin obtained its name from the 135° meridian east, which crosses Akashi City. The ingredients of 135 EAST Gin work together to create a dynamic flavor profile and a smooth finish.

135 East Gin, bottle, featured image

135 East Gin

Made with a combination of florals and citrusy notes of yuzu, with a perfect balance of spicy sansho peppers, this dry gin is highly unique, and comes with an incredible history. The Yonezawa family settled in Akashi City in 1856, where they started a family distillery. By 1917, the family had mastered the rice spirit distillation. Generation after generation, the Yonezawa’s perfected the art, and 100 years later, Kimio Yonezawa honored his family with 135 EAST Gin.

135 East Gin & Tonic, bottle and cocktail

135 East Gin & Tonic

The 42% ABV spirit starts with high quality raw ingredients from local farmers and vendors who source each botanical and distill them separately to preserve their characteristics. This process allows for a smoother blending process and is followed by the addition of sake. The botanicals are distilled in small copper stills through a vacuum distillation process that is used in the perfume industry.

The clear bottle wrapped in red and topped with a cork stopper, displays all the botanicals infused in this gin: angelica, coriander, juniper, sencha, yuzu, shiso leaf, ume, and sansho pepper. The blend of three London Dry Gin botanicals and five Japanese botanicals create an awakening of the senses.

135 East Ginm bottle on table

135 East Gin

Whole peppercorns are used from the sansho pepper, so the spiciness it gives to the gin is more potent. Yuzu brings a delicate, yet powerful citrus scent. Shiso, part of the mint family, adds a soft a refreshing aroma to the spirit. Ume, the Japanese plum, gives a sweet and tangy flavor to balance the spiciness. Lastly, sencha is a non-fermented green tea that requires special attention to ensure there is no grassy flavor. These five Japanese botanicals result in a spicy and peppermint-forward finale.

135 EAST Gin is light and refreshing; perfect for all unique cocktails. The flavorful taste combined with your favorite mixers will quickly become a go-to.

This story on 135 East Gin is part of our Inside the World of Marussia Beverages USA. Head over to learn more about the line.


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