The Ingenious Culinary Concept of LA’s Piccalilli


Culver City, the town on the west side of LA county, is home to the ingenious culinary concept known as Piccalilli.

Boasting a unique hybridization of culture, the establishment blends influences from the marshes of the southern Lowcountry and the bustling markets of Southeast Asia, creating an adventurous and delicious dining experience.

Upon entry, guests are visually stunned with tropical hanging sculptures and greenery, pink pastel furniture, and lenticular illustrations. Complementing the scenery wonderfully are the spirit-forward cocktails and bright Asian-inspired dishes. They can be enjoyed inside a vibrant dining room or alfresco on Piccalilli’s lush people-watching patio.

With Piccalilli’s creation, Co-owner, and Executive Chef Macks Collins brought to life an immersive culinary experience that puts a whimsical spin on traditional fine dining using bright flavors and adventurous, cooking techniques. The food menu features an ever-evolving selection of seasonally-driven dishes that resonate with Chef Collins’ viewpoints and experiences traveling across the globe.



“At Piccalilli, we offer one of the most innovative bar programs in Los Angeles. Focusing on rotating cocktail menus that meld seasonally driven ingredients with innovative spirit brands and cutting-edge techniques, as well as house-made orgeats, liquor infusions and barrel-aging, our team of expert mixologists aim to provide surprising, one-of-a-kind flavor combinations in each signature cocktail.”

Like every top-tier dining spot, Piccalilli’s makes sure the components of their drinks cooperate effortlessly with the food selections. The chefs have a sixth sense for fusing Southeast-Asian flavors that define the food with their own personal backgrounds and the seasonality of local produce. In turn, the mixology team is challenged to incorporate spices and herbs which they are unfamiliar with into their drinks. Ultimately, it pushes them to become more versatile and helps bring true originality and character to their liquid creations.

A great deal of Piccalilli’s success is derived from their team’s sense of unity. They strongly believe that there always needs to be someone to be able to lean on, which is why they are always there for each other. Mutual trust between each member allows them to keep every aspect of the space in check, without any chaos.

Striving towards these ideals reminds them that achieving perfection is nearly impossible. Keeping that in mind, the team excels at adapting in the moment to make sure that the guest leaves happy with their experience.

The bar team left a quick word of advice for those looking to level up their mixing game.

“Fusion is the future! For a long time, cocktail culture was grounded in only using flavors that were familiar to American and Western European palates, but when you open yourself to using spirits and botanicals that aren’t as common in American grocery stores you can find incredible ingredients to play with.”


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