5 Essential Cocktails for January 2023


Each month, Chilled is bringing you five essential cocktails based on our National Drink Day Calendar. Don’t forget to reference it so you can prepare for the upcoming holidays.

The new year brings new opportunities—these include revamping your bar menu. As always, we want to provide our bar owners, restaurants, bartenders, etc., with the best cocktails to spice up your menu.

These five cocktails make for a great start to 2023. For the non-bar owners, these cocktails will take your special gathering to the next level. Whether a vodka lover or a whiskey drinker, your guests will be pleased after sipping on one of these masterpieces.

Here are five cocktails you should be drinking this January.



After Miles

National Mind-Body Wellness Day kicks off the month on 1/3. The new year is a typical time to reset and better yourself overall therefore your customers might be looking for a healthier cocktail option. After Miles is perfect for that—with fresh orange juice and a carrot shrub, this cocktail is filled with vitamins.




Keto Cucumber Cooler

Keeping with the healthy cocktail theme, National Keto Day falls on January 5. This Cucumber Cooler is exactly what people looking to have a delicious cocktail without breaking their diet will want. Swap out the cucumber for strawberries or watermelon, and keep it keto-friendly.




Vanilla Latte Martini

It’s always important to have something for everyone on a menu, and offering a gluten-free cocktail can make customers with sensitivity feel heard. For National Gluten-Free Day (1/13), this Vanilla Latte Martini will be a hit. A take on the classic espresso martini, this version has a sweet cookie-like flavor that takes it to the next level.




And The Beet Goes On

Step out of your comfort zone with this bleu-cheese-washed vodka cocktail. On National Cheese Lovers Day (1/20), offer And The Beet Goes On to your cheese-loving guests. The combination of flavors in this drink makes it shine. From dill-infused vermouth to a beet peppercorn shrub, there is a depth of flavor that can’t be beaten.




Golden Hot Chocolate

A warm drink on a snowy cold day is a match-made in comfort heaven. That’s why National Hot Chocolate Day on January 31 is the best time to serve this Golden Hot Chocolate. The dusting of edible gold glitter gives it a special touch to separate it from others.



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